Frequently Asked Questions

To register an account you must use the command /register email in one of our game servers.

If you are currently banned, you can join our network (hubs) to register your account.
To appeal a punishment you must use our support tickets system. You must have a registered and confirmed account to make a ticket.

Refer to How can I register my account? for registration instructions.
To report a player you can use the command /report player reason in any of our game servers.

For more delicate or urgent situations you may use the support tickets system to report players.
If you believe your ban is false, you may appeal it here. Maximum of one appeal per punishment is allowed, additional ones will be deleted or ignored and may result in longer punishments.
Short answer is no. Using any type of public alt or sharing any type of accounts are AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Try following these instructions. If that does not work, try connecting with or use If you are EU use
You can find the rules here.
No. VPNs are not allowed on Minemen Club.

Support Tickets

When creating a support ticket, please fill out the form properly and give as much detail as possible about your situation.

Please allow up to 48 hours for a staff member to review your ticket. Abuse of the support tickets system can result in a blacklist in-game and from the website.